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It's bright, smells like grape . . . and prevents HIV

For the innovation generation there’s not much joy in a condom that looks like a 20th Century model. But a shiny purple option that smells fruity might be worth trying. Government is introducing a range of coloured, scented condoms, beginning with students in the tertiary education sector. SFH did the market research behind the new condom range and will distribute the new condoms to all University and TVET campuses serving some 1.5 million students. Read more about SFH's research activities

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Steering MMC to higher performance

The New Start medical male circumcision (MMC) clinic wheels made its inaugural run into the Msunduzidistrict in April bringing (MMC) to the doorstep of residents. The mobile service will traverse the Umgungundlovu District, preceded by a mobilisation team. With space for counselling and general health screening as well as four surgical bays, the mobile unit offers the same quality of service as New Start’s fixed clinics.

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6 000 couples get the greatest gift

Couples testing for HIV is a great idea but it demands trust between partners. Unsurprisingly, single clients far outnumber couples at our New Start HCT services. SFH set out to change this through a media and outreach campaign that encouraged couples to give your partner the greatest gift .by getting tested together . By presenting HCT as an act of love, in a few weeks we persuaded more than 6 000 couples to take the plunge.

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