Condom Distribution

The social marketing of condoms is in the DNA of the Society for Family Health (SFH): the organisation was engaged in the marketing of Lovers+ condoms even since inception.

Currently SFH focuses its condom marketing and distribution efforts on the South African government's free condom, branded Choice. Our particular contribution is the distribution of one million Choice condoms each year to non-traditional outlets such as taverns, clubs, "spaza" shops, and truck stops.

Many of the condom outlets we supply are located in areas where "high risk" sexual behaviour is prevalent. These areas include long-distance truck routes where commercial sex work often flourishes, and taverns and shebeens where alcohol consumption may reduce sexual inhibition. We ensure that condoms are very accessible in these areaswithout fuss or embarrassment to those requiring them.

SFH, the Department of Health, and the South African Business Coalition on HIV/AIDS joined forces with South African Breweries (SAB) some years ago to launch Project Promote. This uses the immense distribution capacity of SAB to deliver millions of condoms each year to thousands of taverns across South Africa.

SFH's distribution of free condoms includes female condoms which allow women to take charge of their own protection during sex. Because supplies of female condoms are limited, SFH targets the distribution of female condoms at those women most vulnerable to infection, including sex workers.

Responsibility for marketing of the Lovers+ and Trust condom brands now resides with PSI South Africa, a sister organisation of SFH.